Hi, my name is Erin.  I’ve been a biology teacher, a Cross Fit coach, and now a mama.  About a year and a half ago, I had my first lil bear cub; and the physical toll of pregnancy and labor were harder than I’d imagined they would be.  I struggled for months to find someone who cared and knew how to help me with my postpartum issues.  I had PTSD, diastasis recti, and prolapsed bladder.  I’m angry that there wasn’t timely quality postpartum care for me.  I’m angry that I’ve spoken to other mamas who aren’t getting the care they need either.  I’m angry as a mama bear.  I hope to use this blog to write about topics that may be helpful to other mama bears out there so you can eventually stop focusing on making your body function properly and get to mamabearin’ and the rest of your life.