17.4 All the Hype without the Hurt

17.4 Has been announced!  I’d like to list some pointers and scaling options for each movement.


Make sure your TA is engaged while deadlifting.Here’s a video I made on how to engage the TA before a DL.  If you’re having trouble with the scaled weight, drop some weight or slow down a bit.


Don’t “bottom out” during the squat portion of the wall-ball shot.  It’s really hard on the pregnant and postpartum pelvis and pelvic floor and promotes a lack of control for those who are hypermobile.  If your body wants to bottom out every rep, place another wall ball or stack of plates under your butt to stop you before you drop too far.  If you can’t stabilize your hips, reduce the ROM by not squatting as far.  You can also consider reducing the target height, reducing weight, or switching to light dumbbell thrusters.


At the end of each pull while rowing, make sure that your linea alba is not bulging or CFR1_0105doming.  If it is, end your pull without leaning your torso back as far as the athlete in the picture.  Another option is to substitute an Assault bike (or something similar).  I’m sure Castro wanted this pull in there for a reason, but rowing was probably included more as a tool to get athletes breathing.  So switch to a bike if the rower is not working for your abdomen.

Push Ups

Ensure that your TA is engaged during the movement.  If any bulging or doming occur, push-upscale the push ups by doing them from your knees or at an incline (hands on stairs, box, wall).




Here’s 17.4 from the website.

Go get it mamas!